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An analysis of consumption across the last 20 years shows that Tamworth routinely consumed between 50 and 60 megalitres per day on the hottest days of the year.

Over the last decade it has become a rarity for consumption to even reach 50 megalitres per day.

Our community deserves a huge pat on the back for this positive change in behaviour, and over the next few years we have the opportunity to further build on our great water sustainability achievements, particularly our outdoor residential usage.

The Let’s Thrive campaign is the next step in making Tamworth ‘The Waterwise Region’. Find out what you can do to get involved here.

Did you know?

For the average home in the Tamworth region, a whopping 40% of residential water use is outside. By applying more water-sustainable garden design and practices this volume of water can easily be optimised, significantly reducing our overall consumption of drinking quality water and saving money for residents.

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