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Application to enter closed roads

Instructions and conditions

This is an application for a permit to access closed roads at restricted times via identified entry points (see map).

NOTE: This is NOT an application for a parking permit.

Permit Conditions

Vehicular access to the CBD will be restricted to permitted vehicles under the following conditions during the following times:

  • Midnight to 10am, vehicle access with permit (except on Saturday 27 January 4am to 7am only);
  • 10am to 6pm - vehicle access managed by marshalls; and
  • 6pm to midnight - vehicle access with appropriate permit only

CBD road closures will commence on Wednesday 17 January and roads will all be reopened by Wednesday 31 January.

Entry points to the closed road network will only be via the following locations:

  • Peel Street at White Street roundabout;
  • Kable Avenue at White Street roundabout to the No.1 Oval driveway (no through access); and
  • Kable Avenue at Brisbane Street to The Atrium business carpark (no through access)

NOTE: Rigid vehicles are restricted to two axles and must be less than 7 metres long.

Applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and the applicable permit will be granted subject to its conditions being met at all times by the applicant. A restriction of 10 vehicles will apply to multiple vehicle permits being issued.

Failure to comply with permit conditions may result in infringements being issued.

Successful applicants not complying with conditions will have their permits revoked.

Contact details
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Permit details
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Please supply names of businesses, vendors or locations that you will be delivering to or collecting from.

Vehicle details

Please enter the registration number of each vehicle (up to 10 vehicles) that will need to enter closed roads during the festival. Please also enter a phone number for each vehicle so that police and other officials can contact the driver if needed. 


Personal information supplied to or collected by Tamworth Regional Council will only be stored and processed by Council for lawful purposes directly related to the functions and activities of Council.  Any personal information supplied will only be disclosed to a third party for the purpose of performing a lawful function or activity and for no other purpose. Disclosure of personal information to a third party will be in accordance with Tamworth Regional Council's Privacy Management Plan.

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