JOHN WATERS - The John Lennon Songbook in concert

JOHN WATERS - The John Lennon Songbook in concert

Capitol Theatre Tamworth

Level 1 Centrepoint Shopping Centre Peel Street
Tamworth, NSW, Australia


Celebrating the 50th  anniversary since the release of IMAGINE -  the whole album will be performed live by John Waters and this band - a band that has toured the world performing the songs of John Lennon to great acclaim.


The great response to our recent performances of the new %u2018Songbook%u2019 concept has led to the idea of a tour, marking the anniversary of this iconic album with an entire rendition of it, track by track. Plus rocking on with some favourites from Lennon and the Beatles%u2019 amazing catalogue.

Waters and D%u2019Arrietta are enjoying the on-stage freedom that comes from doing a concert of songs where they can perform %u2018as themselves%u2019.

John Waters says:

%u201CThe %u2018Glass Onion%u2019 show is a different and rather unique category of %u2018theatrical%u2019 style. It%u2019s always exciting to do. But this %u2018Songbook%u2019 is a band gig, and a more intimate style of bringing these great songs to people. We do it in our own way, and it gives us a personal contact with our audience, which is such a happy vibe.


It feels like we%u2019re all getting together again. For over a year the whole world has had to stop hanging out and socialising, and now that we have the chance, we need something like this. I know I do.


Exploring some of the lesser known John Lennon tracks on his solo career albums is always a revelation, and I%u2019m loving the process of learning more than you thought you could, with every new move. I%u2019d like to continue doing that, so I can%u2019t think of a more appropriate way than celebrating IMAGINE, and all the things that the famous one-word title conjures up for everyone.%u201D

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