Introduction to Animation with Danny Stanley

Introduction to Animation with Danny Stanley

Tamworth Regional Gallery

466 Peel Street
Tamworth, NSW, Australia


Program Structure

6 week course
Saturday 11am-2pm

24 July %u2013 28 August

Esther Halliday Studio,
Tamworth Regional Gallery

Cost: $150 
The $100 Creative Kids Voucher is available to subsidise this course.  Learn more here

Limit of 12 participants.

Course Details

-  A mobile device either a tablet or laptop is helpful

- People of any skill level can benefit from the course

- This course is for people age 12 years +


Course outline:

Week 1: Introduction to Animation
Saturday 24 July

Software and tech check.
Introducing the 12 Fundamentals of Animation.
Each participant will animate a bouncing ball and in so doing be introduced to the twelve fundamentals of animation and motion.

Week 2: 12 Fundamentals of Animation
Saturday 31 July

The fundamentals will be re-emphasised, and participants will create a stop motion animation which puts the fundamentals of animation into practise.

Week 3:  Figurative Animation
Saturday 7 August

The class will begin with figure drawing, either with a live or pre-recorded model, with a focus on acting, expressions and movement. The students will then start to plan an animation of their own, with an encouragement toward simple and achievable projects.

Week 4: Introducing Editing, Composition and Sound
Saturday 14 August

An introduction to editing, compositing and sound within animation production.  The group will also begin a class-wide animation; students will also start story boarding their own animation projects.

Week 5: Individual Animation Project
Saturday 21 August

Students will work on their own projects, in the medium of either stop motion, hand-drawn, digital or other animation. Danny discuss each student%u2019s animation project individually offering guidance on how to achieve the best results.

Week 6: Completion and Sharing of Projects
Saturday 28 August

Students will complete their own projects, or finish with the requisite skills to finish it in their own time. Class-wide project will finish.


Animation Course Tutor: Danny Stanley


Danny Stanley is an artist working from Tamworth, NSW. After receiving training professional training in digital illustration and animation Danny has developed a number of animation projections for both the gallery and other organisations as well as organising and creating local public art projection works in Tamworth. With a passion for technical drawing skills and involving storytelling, as well as graphic design, Danny uses the skills from his training at Julian Ashtons Art School, and his literature degree from UNE to create beautiful worlds and characters.

You can view a selection of Danny%u2019s animation work here

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If you have any further questions relating the Introduction to Animation Course with Danny Stanley - please contact the Gallery on 6767 5230. In the case of COVID restrictions changing, this course may move to an online delivery. 

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