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Event Organiser details
Organisation name <~~FormAnswer792046~~>
First name <~~FormAnswer792040~~>
Last name <~~FormAnswer792041~~>
Address <~~FormAnswer792042~~>
Town <~~FormAnswer792043~~>
State  <~~FormAnswer792044~~>
Postcode <~~FormAnswer792045~~>
Capacity/Title <~~FormAnswer792064~~>
Phone number <~~FormAnswer792062~~>
Email address <~~FormAnswer792066~~>
Event Details
Event name <~~FormAnswer792091~~>
Date <~~FormAnswer792069~~>
Description <~~FormAnswer792048~~>
Location <~~FormAnswer792078~~>
Start time
Finish time <~~FormAnswer792052~~>
Setup time  <~~FormAnswer792051~~>
Packdown (finish) time <~~FormAnswer792090~~>
Special event class <~~FormAnswer792117~~>
Event type <~~FormAnswer792092~~> 
Event Management Company (if applicable) <~~FormAnswer792109~~>
Event Management Company Phone  <~~FormAnswer792110~~>
Event Management Company Fax
Event Management Company Mobile
Event Management Company Email
Risk Management - Traffic
Risk Management Plan(s) <~~FormAnswer792094~~>
Public Liability Insurance certificate/policy
Attach written Police Approval of Assembly/Procession if available.
(If unavailable, forward a copy to Council as soon as received.)
Road Occupancy Licence (if required) <~~FormAnswer792096~~>
Fire brigade notified <~~FormAnswer792097~~> 
Ambulance Service notified <~~FormAnswer792098~~>
Traffic and Transport Management
Map of assembly point and route <~~FormAnswer792099~~>
Traffic Control Plan (if required)
Parking details (if required) <~~FormAnswer792116~~>
Plans to minimise impact of construction activities,
traffic calming devices or traffic-generating developments (if required)
Written approval to use a facility managed by a Trust or Authority (if required) <~~FormAnswer792119~~>
Public transport plans (if required) <~~FormAnswer792120~~>
Moving event details (if required) <~~FormAnswer792121~~>
Description of unique traffic management requirements (if required) <~~FormAnswer792122~~>
Contingency Plans <~~FormAnswer792123~~>
Alternative routes for heavy vehicles <~~FormAnswer792124~~>
Special event clearways
Minimising impact on non-event community & emergency services
Plans to minimise impact on non-event community (if required)
Road Closures or Special Event Clearways advertising medium and copy of proposed advertisements (if required)
Special event information signs
Permanent Variable Message Sign messages, locations & times (if used)
Portable (temporary) Variable Message Sign messages, locations & times (if used)
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