To the Commissioner of Police

1    I <~~FormAnswer791706~~> <~~FormAnswer791707~~>
of  <~~FormAnswer791708~~>, <~~FormAnswer791709~~> <~~FormAnswer791710~~> <~~FormAnswer791711~~>
on behalf of <~~FormAnswer791712~~>
notify the Commissioner of Police that 
on the <~~FormAnswer791743~~>, it is intended to hold
   (a)   a public assembly, not being a procession, of approximately
<~~FormAnswer791715~~> persons,
which will assemble at <~~FormAnswer791992~~>
at approximately <~~FormAnswer791716~~>
and disperse at approximately <~~FormAnswer791718~~>.
   (b)  a public assembly, being a procession of approximately
<~~FormAnswer791715~~> persons, 
which will assemble at approximately <~~FormAnswer791716~~>, and at
approximately <~~FormAnswer791717~~> the procession will commence and shall proceed
(Specify route, any stopping places and the approximate duration of any stop; and the approximate time of termination.  A diagram may be attached.)
Diagram file(if uploaded):<~~FormAnswer791721~~>
 2   The purpose of the proposed assembly is
 3   The following special characteristics associated with the assembly would be useful for the Commissioner of Police to be aware of in regulating the flow of traffic or in regulating the assembly.
      (I)  There will be <~~FormAnswer791723~~> of vehicles and/or <~~FormAnswer791724~~> of floats involved.
The type and dimensions are as follows:
     (II)  There will be <~~FormAnswer791994~~> of bands, musicians, entertainers, etc. which will entertain or address the assembly.
     (III)  The following number and type of animals will be involved in the assembly:
     (IV)  Other special characteristics of the proposed assembly are as follows:
 4   I take responsibility for organising and conducting the proposed assembly.
 5   Notices for the purposes of the Summary Offences Act 1988 may be served upon me at the following address:
<~~FormAnswer791744~~>, <~~FormAnswer791745~~> <~~FormAnswer791746~~> <~~FormAnswer791747~~>
Telephone No. <~~FormAnswer791749~~>
Email address <~~FormAnswer791748~~>
6     Signed <~~FormAnswer791706~~> <~~FormAnswer791707~~>
     Capacity / Title <~~FormAnswer791730~~>
     Date <~~FormAnswer791731~~>

Public Liability Insurance certificate: <~~FormAnswer791991~~>

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