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About MyTRC

  • My TRC is Council’s new mobile app. It provides a better way to communicate with our community.
  • MyTRC runs on Apple (iOS) devices like the iPhone and iPad, and Android devices like Samsung smartphones and tablets.
  • MyTRC uses your phone’s GPS and camera to help report problems more accurately.
  • MyTRC helps to respond to problems in a more timely way.
  • MyTRC can show a notification for important messages, such as in times of emergency.


  • How much does the app cost? Nothing. It’s free.
  • What devices will it run on? Apple iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets.
  • How do I get it? Go to the iTunes app store or the Google Play store and search for MyTRC.
  • When I use the app for the first time, why does it ask for my personal details? These details are stored on your phone only and are used when you report an issue.
  • Will the app work when I have no mobile network reception or Wifi? No, the app needs a network connection.
  • What happens after I submit an issue with Report It? You should receive a reference number by email within one working day, and follow-up from Council within seven working days.
  • Will the app chew up the data allowance in my phone account? No, not unless you are constantly submitting issues with large photos attached. Use Wifi if available to reduce the mobile network traffic when using the app.
  • Why do some issues in Report It tell me to call a phone number? Some issues, such as dangerous animals, are more urgent and need a quicker response than others, such as graffiti.
  • Can I use a photo that I have taken previously when reporting an issue? Yes – you can choose to either take a photo or use one from a film roll or gallery when reporting an issue.
  • Can the app use my phone’s GPS to report the location when I am submitting an issue? Yes, the GPS must be turned on and you can tell the app to ‘Use Current Location’. Always check the location when doing this because sometimes the GPS isn’t completely accurate.
  • How do I set a reminder to put my bins out? Under Waste Services, select Waste Collection Days, set your address and scroll down the page. At the bottom you can set a time and switch ‘Notify Me’ on.